How does it work?

Advanced Pricing System is an extension that turns WP Hotelier into one of the most advanced booking systems available on the market. The plugin allows you to create unlimited seasons, with advanced configurations and price settings.

Each season is defined by one or more date ranges or one or more months of the year. And by a basic price that is used to calculate the cost of the reservation when there are no season rules applicable.

In each season it is possible to define the minimum and maximum nights of the overnight stay, the days when check-in and check-out are allowed and the minimum number of nights according to the day of arrival.

Custom min ranges and weekly/monthly prices

One of the most important features is the possibility to define a different price according to the number of nights. Using a fixed price per night or increasing/decreasing the base price by value or percentage. Allowing you to offer discounts for longer stays.

You can also set a weekly or monthly price. And force bookings of a full week/month only. The week settings also allow a discount if the booking includes several weeks.

Extra Person fees

Another useful setting is the fee for extra guests. It can be used to add a fee per night for each extra adult or child.

Room rates: how to integrate them?

The operation of the room rates remains unchanged and integrates perfectly with the new system. Very easily, it is now possible to derive the rate from the seasons defined in the room. Increasing/decreasing the price of each night by value or a percentage. Or using a fixed price per night.

To make the system more flexible, the concept of “restriction” has been added.

Thanks to the restrictions it is possible to activate the room rate according to the date of booking and the date of arrival. For example, you can show a rate if there are two days left before check-in (“Last Minute Booking”). Or maybe only if it occurs at least two months before (“Cut-Off”). Or finally, only if no restrictions are active at the moment.

In this way, you can change the price of a room over time, automatically.

Price calculator

When dealing with advanced configurations and many seasons, it is useful to have a debugging tool. For this reason, the “Price calculator” was created, an internal tool that allows you to calculate the price of a room. Useful for testing purposes and to get an overview of your configuration.

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