WP Hotelier fully supports Uncode

Uncode is one of the most popular premium themes on the market and one of the most innovative products in the WordPress ecosystem. WP Hotelier offers full support for Uncode, integrating all available features: page builder, typography options, speed, customization and much more.

View the integration demo

Uncode WordPress Theme Screenshot

Not familiar with Uncode? You can see a full demo with all the features here.

Integration Highlights

  • Complete WP Hotelier integration

    Complete WP Hotelier Integration

    WP Hotelier integrates seamlessly with Uncode and its modules. No compromises. No pain.

  • Frontend Editor

    Frontend Editor

    With Uncode you can create pages using the Frontend Editor, visually without the need for code.

  • Modules variations

    Modules Variations

    Thanks to the Posts Module, you can create unlimited layouts: masonry, carousels, metros and so on.

  • Pixel Perfect

    Pixel Perfect

    Uncode is one of the most innovative themes. Always contemporary and with attention to every detail.

  • Content Block Support

    Content Block Support

    With a Content Block, you can create reusable sections in other parts of the theme. Room pages included.

  • Dynamic Elements Support

    Dynamic Elements Support

    Take advantage of this advanced feature to allow room details to be integrated into Uncode modules.

What do I need to integrate Uncode?

To integrate Uncode you need to download this free plugin and activate it like any other plugin. This plugin contains everything you need to make WP Hotelier work with Uncode to its full potential.

Please note. Uncode is a premium theme and is not included in any WP Hotelier offer. In order to use it you need to buy a license here.

30 day money back guarantee