I am extremely proud to announce that today I’m releasing the first public Beta version of Easy WP Hotelier. Easy WP Hotelier has been in development for about two years now and it was tested in four premium WordPress hotel themes so far. The plugin is extremely powerful and ready to use in production.

What is Easy WP Hotelier?

Easy WP Hotelier is a booking plugin for WordPress, built specifically for hotels, B&Bs, etc. Easy WP Hotelier allows you to manage hotel reservations inside your WordPress dashboard, accept payments online, manage room’s amenities, receive email notifications and so on. Easy WP Hotelier it’s an all-in-one booking system for WordPress.

Premium extensions and themes

Starting from now, efforts will focus on making the core plugin better as well as developing specific premium extensions (and themes) for Easy WP Hotelier. Three extensions for Easy WP Hotelier are already available, visit the extensions page for more info.

What’s next?

Two things have priority:

  1. Release Easy WP Hotelier on WordPress.org – Done, plugin page here
  2. Create a public repository on Github – The repository is now available here: Easy WP Hotelier repository

Hopefully it should be done in a couple of weeks.

That’s all! All feedback is welcome.


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