We are pleased to bring you Easy WP Hotelier 1.5.0, the latest version of our WordPress booking plugin, built specifically for hotels. This new update includes some features, that will improve Easy WP Hotelier even more!

Listing Page Improved

One of the most requested features from our customers was the ability to show the queried room when using the datepicker calendar on the room page. That’s exactly what Easy WP Hotelier 1.5.0 does. Using the calendar on a room page will show that room (if available) at the top of the listing page. As well as the other available rooms at the bottom. A message about the availability (or not) of that particular room will appear at the top.

Redirect To Booking Page After Book Now

Another requested feature was the ability to redirect the user immediately to the booking page after clicking on the “Book Now” button. This is specially useful for websites that have only room. Enabling this option guests will be redirected to the booking page after one click, speeding up the booking process. Another setting allows you to wait for the quantity selection, and then redirect the user.

Week Bookings

A new extension is now available: Week Bookings. This new extension allows checkins and checkouts on specific days only. And introduces a new price option for your rooms: Week Price.

You can purchase a copy of Week Bookings from its product page. In that page you will find more info about the available features.

Get Week Bookings

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