One of the most requested features from our customers was the ability to import calendars from other websites that support the iCal format like Airbnb or Google Calendar. We are very happy to announce that it is finally possible with iCalendar Importer/Exporter, a new extension that will help you prevent a double booking.

What is iCal?

iCalendar or iCal is a computer file format designed to transmit calendar-based data, like upcoming meeting dates, bookings, important reminders, etc. iCal is supported by a variety number of products and booking platforms including Airbnb, HomeAway and Google Calendar. It is now the standard in the hospitality industry, as a way to sync booking calendars between channel managers.

How it works?

iCalendar Importer/Exporter works in two ways:

  1. You can import an .ics file from an external service for each room. This will sync external reservations for that room. Every hour automatically.
  2. You can export the calendar of the reservations made at your website to an external service like Google Calendar. iCalendar Importer/Exporter automatically generates an iCal file for every room. You can use that link in the appropriate section of the app/website you want to export the calendar to.

Get iCalendar Importer/Exporter

You can purchase a copy of iCalendar Importer/Exporter from its product page. In that page you will find more info about the available features.

Get iCalendar Importer/Exporter

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